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14.09.2016, 16:20 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Turkmenistan’s President Paves Way For Lifelong Rule

Turkmenistan’s authoritarian leader has paved the way for potential lifelong rule, signing off on constitutional amendments that will allow him to run in future presidential elections regardless of his age.

The amendments, signed by President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov after approval by the rubber-stamp parliament and the Council of Elders on September 14, scrap a rule that barred anyone over the age of 70 from presidential ballots in the tightly controlled Central Asian country.

They also extend future presidential terms to seven years from the current five.

The 70-year age ceiling was the only legal obstacle preventing Berdymukhammedov, 59, from running for office as long as he lives. The former Soviet republic’s constitution places no limit on the number of terms he can serve.

Berdymukhammedov, who led a commission that drafted the amendments, said after signing them that there will be “alternatives” in the election next year.

11.09.2016, 03:07 Gundogar
US Mission to OSCE: Stop the enforced disappearance in Turkmenistan

September, 8 the head of the US mission to the OSCE ambassador Daniel B. Baer made a Statement in the OSCE Permanent Council on the occasion of International Day for the Victims of Enforced Disappearances.

«The United States stands in solidarity with the men and women around the world whose own governments have abducted them and detained them in secret», Mr. Baer said.

«In too many countries, repressive regimes confronted by citizens trying to hold their leaders accountable will resort to the enforced disappearance of their critics. Some of these individuals who have disappeared at the hands of their governments are tortured and held for extended periods. Others are quietly killed with no official record of their deaths, compounding the grief of family and friends who are left to wonder about their fate. Worldwide there are tens of thousands of unresolved enforced disappearance cases, some of which are decades old. The United States calls on countries to remove all obstacles to independent and transparent investigations into these cases so that those who have lost loved ones can finally learn their fate and those responsible can be held to account», he added.

«While we are concerned about all of those forcibly disappeared, I would like to take a moment to raise a few illustrative cases. We note the 'Prove They Are Alive' campaign’s August 30th statement, which expresses concern over a series of recent deaths of persons who were on their list of individuals who had disappeared and were allegedly held in Turkmen prisons. We join the 'Prove They Are Alive' campaign in urging the Turkmen government to end this practice, to promptly disclose information about all prisoners, including those on the lists of disappearances compiled by non-governmental organizations, to inform families and the public whether each person listed is alive, and in case of deaths, to release their bodies for burial», the head of US mission to OSCE declared.

«The United States continues to raise with governments specific cases of enforced disappearances, and will continue to do so at the most senior level. We stand in solidarity with victims and families of those who have disappeared throughout the OSCE region, and around the world», Mr. Baer stressed.

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