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Turkmenistan’s gas exports depend on one country – Gazprom decided to take advantage of this

Caspian Barrel

In 2015, Turkmenistan held a pompous ceremony to begin construction of a new TAPI export gas pipeline. However, until now the government of Turkmenistan has not indicated anywhere how many kilometers the pipeline has been built. It may not be built at all – just no information.

In December 2009, when the opening of the first part of the export highway Turkmenistan-China was opened, official Ashgabat also joyfully reported about the earliest achievement of the volume of deliveries to China in the amount of 85 billion cubic meters. At the end of 2018, about 36 billion cubic meters of Turkmen gas was exported to China. Ashgabat then could not predict that the existing lines of the export pipeline (A, B and C), with a throughput of 55 billion cubic meters, would also be occupied by competitors — producers of blue fuel of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. China has a wise… >> подробнее

US-Taliban talks and the fate of TAPI pipeline

Sanket Sudhir Kulkarni

The progress of the TAPI project would largely depend on the outcome of negotiations between the US and the Taliban.

Negotiations between the United States and the Taliban have now reached an advanced stage. As reported, representatives from the US and the Taliban are slated to engage in discussions with their respective stakeholders and leaderships before proceeding to the next stage of negotiations. The next phase, as reported, would witness discussions among different stakeholders within Afghanistan and also for a “comprehensive ceasefire”. Although the specific modalities of the proposed agreement are not clear yet, within the power corridors of South Asian capitals, the news of possible US withdrawal… >> подробнее

Beam of the Dazzling Sun

Bayram Shikhmuradov,
Ruslan Myatiev

How Turkmen Ambassador in the USA Acquired Real Estate Worth $6 million

This is the story of how the family of Meret Orazov, Turkmenistan’s ambassador to the USA, acquired four houses, three apartments and a tract of forest on an island near the Canadian border in his 18 years in post in the country. According to the most conservative estimates, this real estate is today worth over six million dollars in total. Such investment by the ambassador and his family breaks the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the laws of Turkmenistan “On diplomatic service” and “On combating corruption.” So the authorities of both Turkmenistan and the USA should have questions for the Turkmen diplomat to answer.

MERET ORAZOV: Born in 1950 in Ashgabat, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Doctor of Economics. From January 22, 2001 serves as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan to the USA.

Chapter 1. The Corrupt Rector

Meret Bayramovich Orazov, 68, has led Turkmenistan’s Embassy in the USA since 2001 — over 18 years. He is today the second longest serving foreign ambassador in Washington, just three years behind the ambassador of the Republic of Palau, Hersey Kyota.

During the time that Ambassador Orazov has been head of the Turkmenistan… >> подробнее

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